AN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 3834:2005, ASME U-STAMP, ASME R-STAMP Certified Company

A Member of Alembic Group of Companies

One of the oldest industrial houses in India that traces its history back to 1907. Shreno Engineering Limited is well equipped and most experienced in Manufacturing of wide range of products and services for Paper Pulp Industry, Chemical Plants, Process Industries and Oil & Gas Industries.

In Brief Shreno Engineering

Shreno Engineering Limited is a member of the Alembic Group of Companies – one of the oldest industrial houses in India that traces its history back to 1907.

The Alembic Group has played an innovative and pioneering role in a range of diverse manufacturing fields comprising biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agrochemicals, glassware synthetic fibre, packaging and engineering.

Shreno was established in 1962, and in the initial years, was focused on meeting group requirements for critical machines and processing equipment that was expensive to import, or simple not available.

Today, Shreno has emerged as one of the best equipped and most experienced engineering solutions companies in the region. We offer a range of products and services to help our customers achieve world-class manufacturing, productivity and reliability standards.

Engineering – Services

Shreno Engineering Limited has deployed its capabilities to provide an extensive range of engineering services.

Core Services
  Design of Machines and Process Equipment's
  Manufacturing, Fabrication and Assembly
  Plant Erection and Commissioning
  Maintenance, Repairs and Overhauling

Industries Covered
  Paper Pulp Industry
  Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals
  Biotechnology & Food Processing


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