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Why Shreno

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Why Shreno

We have re-invented ourselves recently with development of our facilities and professional mindset to new horizon.

To keep running and re-fuelling we have raised up the next level in individual’s career paths.

We are developing the professional skills with regular training and interpersonal behaviours.

Great believer of individual’s professional growth and make them key driver in company’s growth cycle.

We offer career to explore it to the extended limits.

We work with a diverse workforce and welcome multiplicity of perspectives that stem from multiple backgrounds, skill sets, cultures and experiences. We put our minds together to come up with manufacturing solutions that can cater to end clients around the world and address the gaps within the fabrication industry.

Our people culture is based on meritocracy and well-defined rewards and recognition programmes are in place to keep the team motivated. Frequent leadership reviews go a long way in removing barriers and pave the way for real-time coaching.