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Shreno has emerged as one of the best equipped and most experienced engineering solutions companies in the region.

Product Offerings


We provided a variety of high pressure, high temperature, and high metallurgical reactors that are perfect for the industries we serve, including the global petrochemical, fertilizer, and specialty chemical industries.

Heat Exchangers

Shreno offers a wide range of Heat Exchangers, with our strength being in high pressure and high/exotic metallurgy exchangers.


Shreno manufacture and supply columns in single piece and towers for the various industries.

Pressure Vessels

We are very well equipped to deliver a wide selection of pressure vessels & Columns for a variety of operations in the oil & gas, petrochemical, fertilizer, and chemical industries.

Pulp & Paper Machinery

The pulp and paper manufacturing sector is energy and raw materials intensive, with high capital costs and long investment cycles.

Specialised Equipment

Shreno is one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of Specialized Equipment for Large Industries.


Speciality Chemicals

We are Manufacturer of fine and specialty chemicals products that include phosgene-based chemicals.


Special Reactors provided by Shreno are used in numerous crucial national initiatives carried out by the fertilizer industry.

Pulp & Paper

We have a thorough understanding of the technical specifications based on the ability to manufacture the necessary machines in the paper and pulp industry.


We have provided the pharmaceutical industry with more than 500 pieces of static and rotating equipment, all of which are successfully operating today.



At Sherno we provide engineering solutions which meet requirements of various international codes and quality standards from across the globe.


Sherno is focused on meeting group requirements for critical machines and processing equipment.

Metallurgy Experience

We supply Custom processing & handling equipment for the efficient handling of metallurgical


Shreno is a manufacturer of logistics systems and materials handling equipment that enhances the effectiveness of logistics procedures.


Our infrastructure has been created to meet the specialized and diverse requirements of an extensive range of engineering products.


We have grown because our clients have found us to be capable of executing engineering solutions.


Strong enthusiast of making employees the primary drivers of a company's growth cycle. We provide extensive career exploration options.

Why Shreno

Automation and technology increase productivity, enhance learning, and complement the contributions and regular delivery of developmental and corrective training.

HR Philosophy

Automation and technology increase productivity, enhance learning, and complement the contributions and regular delivery of developmental and corrective training

Shreno’s Endeavour

We believe in the rotation of talent, and even at the senior-most levels, executives are given the opportunity to oversee various tasks on a rotating basis.

Career Opportunities

People who share our values and a similar vision are what we are seeking for. Send your most recent resume to

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